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What damages may be awarded in a wrongful death case?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Natalie Woodward talks about the damages that may be awarded in a wrongful death case. In wrongful death cases, the assessment of damages hinges on the deceased person’s unique perspective regarding the value of their life. Georgia distinguishes itself as a state that considers wrongful death damages through this particular lens. The damages encompass both the estate claim, covering funeral expenses and estate-related obligations, and the wrongful death claim, reflecting the self-assessed value of the deceased’s life.

Georgia relies on the “enlightened conscience of the jury” standard to ascertain an appropriate figure for wrongful death damages. Essentially, this standard empowers the jury to determine what they consider a fair representation of the person’s self-perceived life value. As a result, verdicts may exhibit considerable variability based on the jury’s interpretation of the individual’s life worth.

Various cases, such as those involving the elderly deprived of their final years or young mothers succumbing to childbirth, necessitate unique evaluations of the person’s life value. The attorney, with experience in cases ranging from the wrongful death of children to individuals in their 90s, underscores the significance of presenting a comprehensive portrayal of the person’s life. The objective is to assist the jury in establishing a connection with the complete individual, aiming to convey who they were and what they forfeited if their life was unjustly taken.

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