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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Natalie Woodward tells the story of a memorable medical malpractice case she handled. Medical malpractice cases are notable for their extended duration, demanding steadfast commitment. The attorney acknowledges the inherent complexities, committing to 100% effort for success. With approximately 90% of cases coming from referrals by medical experts, the attorney adeptly navigates intricate medical issues.

These cases often require more time and additional resources, including expert opinions and supporting materials like day-in-the-life videos. Leveraging past experience in medical malpractice defense, the attorney gains valuable insights into case assessment from both perspectives.

The advent of electronic medical records has transformed evidence gathering, allowing meticulous documentation of access, entries, and changes. This technological advancement strengthens the attorney’s ability to establish critical details about events and involved parties.

Families seeking clarity often turn to the attorney, who takes pride in offering comprehensive information. A recent case spanning five years involved a drug treatment facility’s release of a young man without necessary prescriptions. Scrutiny of documentation unveiled transparency issues, highlighting the significance of accountability in healthcare.

The attorney views themselves as gatekeepers, ensuring accountability when medical care deviates from the standard. In the pursuit of justice, the attorney remains resolute, striving to enhance attention and treatment for future patients deserving of better care.

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