Wrongful Death Attorney in Hopkins, Minnesota

Damages Recovered in Wrongful Death

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney, Douglas Schmidt talks about the damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death action.

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Well the easy answer to that is in the case of a wage earner that has dependents, a wife, a spouse, wife or husband, children dependents and the damages are the loss of earnings and support for those family members that are dependent on the injured or the person that’s killed. But beyond that, all family members and the family circle typically includes siblings, grandparents, parents, children are all family members are entitled to damages for the loss of the aid, comfort, society, companionship and support. And that’s a very subjective thing. It’s incumbent on the wrongful death lawyer to be able present evidence of United States how important that aid and comfort and society, companionship, having the company of the person that they have lost. Under Minnesota law grief is not an item of damages and I don’t know how you separate grief from a loss of love, comfort, and companionship that’s a difficult thing.

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