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$2.5 Million Recovery for Injured Worker: The case of the faulty hatch

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Thomas Johnston talks about a case he worked on involving a man servicing an air conditioning unit who was injured by a roof hatch.

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The Charles Donahue case we were able to settle for $2.5 million. And that was a really interesting case because it involved a roof hatch that came down on top of an air conditioner worker who was climbing up onto a roof to service an air conditioner. Now most of the time work related accidents are workers comp cases and lawsuits aren’t brought. But sometimes they can be brought and his case is a good example of it. We were able to show that the property owner that owned this bank building should have known that that hatch was a problem. And as a matter of fact, probably did know. And they hired a property management company to handle the maintenance of that building. So we were able to successfully sue the property owner and the maintenance company for their failure to keep that place safe. So for a worker who’s coming onto the property he or she has the right to assume that property’s safe for him to do what he’s been called to do. And if it’s not, and a worker’s hurt on the job they might have rights just like Mr. Donahue did so they should explore those too.

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