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$5 Million Motorcycle Accident Case: A restaurant’s failure to warn

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Thomas Johnston talks about a case he worked on where a restaurant did not give warning to confusing directions resulting in a tragic motorcycle accident.

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The jury gave the Inoki family $5 million for the wrongful death of Joey Inoki who was a wonderful man in his early 40s. The plaintiffs were his parents who lived in Philadelphia. So they brought the case on behalf of their adult son who had died. What happened there was a tourist turned left out of a restaurant on the wrong way of a roadway because he was confused. He hits Joey and Joey’s killed. Clearly, that drive has some responsibility for it but what we pushed the idea was we think the restaurant should warn these tourists that they can’t turn left when they can only go right. And it had some problems there before. So what was interesting about that case is the jury agreed with us that he restaurant even though what happened was off their property that if they knew that there was a problem there they should warn these people particularly because they’re tourists coming in the LA area who aren’t familiar with the roads.

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