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How do lawyers get paid in workers compensation cases?

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Attorney’s fees in workers compensation cases are contingent attorney’s fees and they’re governed by Minnesota statute and the contingent attorney fee is at a rate of 20 percent of any contested or disputed benefit that your attorney successfully recovers on your behalf. Sometimes part of our representation is recovering a non-monetary benefit like an unpaid medical bill or the entitlement to rehabilitation services or retraining benefits. When we successfully procure those types of benefits for our client then we can make an attorney fee claim directly against the workers compensation insurer. I often assure my clients that they never, ever are going to receive a bill for Patterson Dahlberg. No clients ever write us a check for any services. We are always paid by the insurance company because we successfully recovered contested or disputed benefits on their behalf.

Rochester, MN personal injury lawyer Thomas R. Patterson talks about why you’ll never receive a bill from him in a workers’ comp case.

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