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My philosophy is that we need to educate the injured worker about the system that they’re stuck in really. They didn’t make a voluntary decision to have an injury that was jeopardizing their weekly paychecks or their future employment with their employer And there’s many benefits that they may be entitled to that they may be unaware of and they really don’t have an idea of what to expect next. So what we try to do is we try to help educate them about the system that they’re in so that as we make decisions about handling their case, they’ll look back at that two or three or four or five years later and they’ll, because they understand the system that they were in, they’ll understand why we all made the decisions we did going forward.

The most rewarding aspect of my practice is the opportunity to meet and create relationships with my clients. I learn a lot from them about their personal life, about their work history, and I find that that’s interesting. You know, we practice in a relatively small community and I continue to meet and greet and have relationships with many of my former clients.

Rochester, MN personal injury lawyer Thomas R. Patterson talks about his philosophy as a lawyer and the most rewarding aspect of his practice.

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