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What is your experience in representing whistleblowers?

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cases I can give you a good recent

example we represent an individual who

had complained internally to the Chicago

Transit Authority about what she

believed to be illegal activities and

then was fired shortly thereafter and

after a multi-year battle we finally

were able to get the case to trial here

in a Circuit Court of Cook County and

after trying that case before a jury for

a week week and a half the jury awarded

a substantial money award to our client

the plaintiff but to show the

difficulties of being invisible or we

then had to fight at the Appellate level

for several years before the Illinois

Pell Court in Illinois Supreme Court

just to get our whistlebar into position

to finally get paid so that really was

an example of a very rewarding but

taxing case which kind of shows the

dedication you need to the client to The

Whistleblower over a long period of time

Chicago, IL trial attorney Michael Leonard discusses his experience in representing whistleblowers. He explains that I have a recent case that exemplifies the challenges and dedication required when representing whistleblowers. We had the privilege of advocating for an individual who lodged internal complaints against the Chicago Transit Authority, exposing what she believed to be illegal activities. Unfortunately, she faced repercussions and was unjustly terminated from her position.

After engaging in a protracted legal battle spanning multiple years, we successfully brought the case to trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County. For a week and a half, we presented our client’s compelling case before a jury. The outcome was highly gratifying, as the jury awarded our client a substantial monetary compensation as a result of her brave actions as a whistleblower.

However, our work didn’t end there. To overcome the challenges faced by whistleblowers, we had to continue fighting at the Appellate level for several years. It required navigating through the Illinois Appellate Court and the Illinois Supreme Court to secure the rightful payment for our client. This case serves as a poignant example of a rewarding yet demanding legal battle, highlighting the unwavering dedication necessary to support and protect whistleblowers over an extended period.

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