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Types of Transportation Litigation Matters Handled

Minneapolis, MN Transportation Law Attorney, Jason Engkjer, discusses various litigation matters he has handled for his transportation clients.

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Typical matters usually include freight-collection matters as well as freight-damage matters. The reality of it is that things break while they’re traveling down the road or on a rail and people don’t pay their bills many times. What makes it a little bit unique from this particular circumstance, again, is the transportation in these types of matters are governed by federal law. And very specific rules and regulations that many other lawyers who get involved in transportation don’t really understand or recognize out the gate, especially in litigation-type matters. And we’ve also recognized that to a certain extent that we end up having to educate the other side that this particular case is not what you think it is. It’s governed by a particular regulation or a particular statute.

And quite frankly, it’s important many times to get that point across early on so that you end up having unnecessary arguments in a piece of transportation litigation later on. We also have a number of employment-type issues. That’s becoming kind of a hot-button topic in the transportation industry. So there are a wide-ranging area of litigation-related matters. You also have the regular contract disputes, the regular commercial disputes, or even some complex disputes as well that are just inherent in any business for that matter, including transportation.

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