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The Team Approach to Subrogation

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The team approach is really important in a subrogation claim because time is your biggest enemy in a subrogation matter. It’s really important for the insurance carrier, the insurance company to gather their team right away right after a loss is reported and they think there’s a subrogation potential. The team can assist the insurance company in investigating the loss and pursuing the loss. And that team includes the attorney, the claims representative who’s sometimes also the adjustor, and an expert or multiple experts. Sometimes you’ll have one expert, sometimes you’ll have several experts it really depends on the type of loss and the dollar value that’s at stake.

And so, assembling your team is extremely important. It’s important to do it right away and it’s important that the attorney become the point person of that team, really the captain of the team, if you will. Because that attorney then can have communications with the insurance carrier client and those communications will remain privileged. They can talk about strategy, they can talk about things that they should be pursuing or looking into or investigating with their experts. And so, it’s important that the attorney get involved right away to help with the team approach as well as communicating with the insured about what the insured can expect throughout this process as well.

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation lawyer Lauren Nuffort explains why the team approach to subrogation is so important.

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