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Rewards of Defending Professionals

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My primary practice in professional liability involves defending attorneys from all different types of backgrounds and practice areas, accountants, and design professionals such as different types of architects. The most rewarding part of defending claims that are brought against these professionals is knowing how passionate each professional is about what they do for their career day in and day out. They all have to make a professional decision in their career and unfortunately, what brings the claim to my attention is when an individual is not satisfied with the way that decision turned out. Whether or not there’s merit to that claim is kind of a secondary issue but for the most part, the clients that I work with show their true professionalism and the decision is one that is made with a lot of thought and a lot of experience and underlying knowledge.

And so, it’s not a decision that they loosely make or willy-nilly decide to make along the way. You know I will recognize that there are those claims where a professional in a legal malpractice case may have missed a deadline and that’s simply a human mistake. There might not be an excuse for that other than human error but for the most part, any claim that’s not involving sort of a scheduling issue or a mistake on that part really involves the professional decision of my client and I get a lot of personal gratitude with working with these individuals knowing how passionate they are about the work that they do.

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation lawyer Lauren Nuffort talks about the rewards of her practice as a professional liability attorney.

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