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A client in a professional liability case should foremost be able to trust their attorney. Trust is extremely important and I think it builds the right rapport right off the bat. As an attorney I want my clients to be able to trust the information that they’re giving me and that it will be held in confidence and used to pursue or defend the cases that are brought or the claims that are brought. So trust is really, I think, one of the first things that a client needs to be able to have with their attorney and vice versa, the attorney needs to feel like the client trusts them so that they’re being open and honest and that communication is forthcoming.

I also think another piece that a client needs to know is that the attorney wants their involvement, they want to be open with the client, they need to be open with the client to get information exchanged and get questions answered but they want to keep the client involved. So I think it’s very important that a client find an attorney who is willing to keep them involved at every step of the way. They should not be left in the dark and they should know that they come to their attorney with any question and that their attorney will provide appropriate response.

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation lawyer Lauren Nuffort talks about what a client should expect their attorney during professional liability litigation.

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