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The insurance company should keep the insured informed about the process of subrogation so the insured knows what to expect. The insured or the policy holder is really unsure about this entire process. In most every circumstance the insured is under great stress and anxiety after sustaining a loss whether it’s an individual in a homeowner claim or a business under a commercial policy. They’re not use do having fires or water loss or having their business completely interrupted for a period of time. So it’s really important that the insured become part of your subrogation team and that you keep them informed of the process and what they can expect moving forward.

It also sets the expectation that the process is not going to be overnight. It might take a couple days and it could take up to a couple weeks to get them back on their feet. In the case of a home or a residential loss that homeowner needs to understand that they might be living in a hotel for several months while their home is restored. And that their home might remain in that condition for a week or two while that investigation gets under way and parties are coming out to the scene to take a look at the loss site and the artifacts that remain.

And in a business the same thing can happen. That business may be interrupted for a period of time and so it’s important that they understand that and that we meet at times the conflicting interest of both the insured and the insurance company where you want to get them back on their feet and get things restored as quickly as possible but you can’t lose the site of the potential subrogation claim that could be pursued if you find that there is a subrogation claim to pursue.

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation lawyer Lauren Nuffort explains why an insurance company should keep their insured informed about the subrogation process.

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