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In the property segregation context, our typical clients are insurance companies themselves. We are retained frequently to represent their interests after a loss has happened. That’s after they pay a loss on a claim whether it’s a homeowner claim, a commercial claim. Whether it’s in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and even across the country we get involved on different losses for different insurance carrier clients.

We are representing their interest as the insurance company to recover the amounts that they paid under the property loss claim. So for example, an insurance company might pay a claim for $100,000.00, I’m just picking a number arbitrarily, and so, in response to paying that claim we are hired to investigate the loss. It might be a fire loss, a water damage claim, trying to decide what happened, is there a third party that’s at fault for the loss that we can pursue to get the money back for the insurance company? And so, we represent the insurance carriers’ interest in that but we also in some circumstances represent the insureds interest, the policyholder’s interest.

And we do that when they have an out of pocket loss or an uninsured loss and we can pursue their interest along with the insurance company’s interest. In those cases, we have to enter into a joint prosecution agreement so that we can represent both parties’ interests because they could at times conflict with each other’s they need to waive that potential conflict of interest. So in short, we represent both the insurance company and at times the insured for their interest in a loss.

Minneapolis, MN commercial litigation lawyer Lauren Nuffort explains whose interest she represents in property subrogation cases.

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