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Sexual Harassment

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about a case he worked on where he represented a young woman who was consistently sexually harassed by her boss.

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Sexual harassment in employment unfortunately occurs a lot in California and especially in Los Angeles, especially when you have the entertainment industry and a lot of other industries that just seems – where that happens a lot. We represent a lot of victims of sexual harassment. One case that stands out to me was egregious, where we represented a young lady. She was 25-years-old. It was one of her first jobs ever, and she had met the owner of a company, and he recruited her to come work for him for this company, and she was really excited about that. It was a first big job for her. Well it turns out that this employer, this boss, a gentleman in his forties, he really was interested in one thing. He wasn’t interested in her as an employee. He was interested in her and having sex with her. And when she started working there, he made it clear that he was sexually interested in her, and he pressured her. He said suggestive things to her. He made advances on her. He made her life very uncomfortable, and she wasn’t used to that, ‘cause she hadn’t been in the workplace before. And so she finally was told, “You need to talk to a lawyer.” She hired us. We pursued the case, and we were able to show that this man really – he didn’t hire her for the right reasons. He hired her because he wanted to try to seduce her and have sex with her. That’s sexual harassment. That’s outrageous, and he ended up paying a lot of money – his firm paid a lot of money because of what he did to this poor gal.

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