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Sexual Assault by University Faculty

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Title IX not only covers peer to peer or basically, student on student sexual harassment and sexual assault, it also covers university employees, professors, and even individuals in a cafeteria if you’re in an employment environment you’re covered by Title IX. The important thing to remember about Title IX is you need to make your complaints to the Title IX coordinator. That’s the individual on campus and they should be very easy to identify in these days. A few years ago, many colleges didn’t even have a Title IX coordinator but that’s the official and that’s the individual on campus who’s required to take complaints and investigate Title IX offences. That’s whether it involves students on campus, off campus, gay, lesbian, transgender students. Men can file Title IX complaints. Anything relating to discrimination on sex regardless of the source in an educational environment should be reported to the Title IX investigator at which point the college or universities are required to conduct an investigation of that complaint.

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, shares what students should do if they were sexually harrassed by a college professor or other university staff member.

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