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How did I get into the practice of law? Well, you know, I’m gonna have to search my memory banks here going back quite a few years. But as a student, I was always interested in issues affecting children and families. My law school, the University of Michigan had a course and a clinic actually dedicated to child welfare issues, which is really, where I started in the field of child welfare, foster care, adoption, child welfare and graduated from the University of Michigan. You know you don’t concentrate in law schools but you do have areas that you focus on with a great deal of grounding in those areas through the Michigan Child Advocacy Law Clinic, through a special round of courses that I took aimed at serving the needs of children and families in state care, foster care system.

So from that area of the law I started out. One of my first trials was with Judge Judy here in Manhattan Family Court. I have a lot of interesting Judge Judy stories. And evolved into the area of special education law that also affects children and evolved into the area of adoption, international adoption and that’s really where I first encountered child pornography, online exploitation from a victim of mine who was adopted internationally by a pedophile who then proceeded to produce child pornography. So what I’m seeing now looking back on it is how all these areas are linked together and how there’s a lot of overlap not only in who the victims are but also how law and society deals with these problems. But that’s basically, where I’ve come over the last 20, 25 years.

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, reflects on how he chose to become a plaintiff’s lawyer.

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