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What are examples of complex property?

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one of the most complex properties that

we deal with right now are carried

interest in hedge funds

so we represent

hedge fund managers or their spouses and

in that case they have something called

carried interest which are future

interests based on how well their fund


and those are very complex to value

because we really have to have our

expert look into a crystal ball and

determine what’s going to happen to that

fund and then it becomes even more

difficult about how we’re going to

distribute that asset so that is one of

the most complex assets we’re dealing

with right now

on how to properly determine what that

asset is and how to divide it but then

we have assets that are

may seem simple but are very complex

like art right so art is just a

a piece of art hanging on a wall but we

need to value that we need to decide who

would going to keep it we need to decide

if we’re going to sell it we need to

decide if there’s going to be any taxes

that are going to have to be paid so

even something as simple as you would

think as a piece of art could be a

complex issue in a divorce depending on

you know

somebody can say a a andy warhold is

worth 50 million and the other expert

can say no i think it’s worth 30 million

and that becomes a complex issue as well

NYC family law attorney S. Susan Gross discusses examples of complex property.

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