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How is a business valuation determined in divorce?

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there’s a lot of different ways to value

a business in a divorce and it really

depends on the type of business

but in most cases that we deal with we


business valuation experts and we have a

list of of

various experts that we use and we try

to choose the right expert for the right

case and the right

asset and once we determine the best

expert we work with that expert to


the the value that we need and to really

understand how the business works

and then decide how to deal with that in

the divorce

um and it really depends on the


business if it’s a

professional practice it gets valued one

way or if it’s a hedge fund it gets

valued another way and we’ll find the

right expert to do that valuation and

we’ll make sure that the expert has all

the information and materials they need

in order to get that done correctly in

some cases we’re able to agree with the

other side on an expert so we’re able to

get a neutral to do that but it really

is a case-by-case basis as to if we

decide if a neutral is right for us or

if our client needs their own expert to

really dig into this business

NYC family law attorney S. Susan Gross explains how a business valuation is determined in a divorce.

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