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How is marital property divided in a New York divorce?

NYC family law attorney Dan Rottenstreich explains how marital property is divided in a New York divorce.

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marital property is divided in a new

york divorce in any number of ways i

can’t give you

a rule

um i can’t even give you a rule of thumb

what i can tell you is

marital property is divided equitably

and what might be equitable

in one case may not necessarily be

equitable in another case it’s based

upon a number of factors

contained in the statute i think there’s

about 14 factors that a court would


people do say certain assets are divided

equally all the time but there’s cases

that will say that’s not necessarily


our work the job that we do

for our clients and i think we do

uh fairly well is to understand what the

specific factual history is of the


how the assets were accumulated what the

relative contributions were by each of

the spouses to the accumulation of the

marital assets and then you argue your

position based upon

the facts the law the cases the equities

and hopefully come to a good place

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