Probate Attorney in Lynnwood, Washington

What does the probate process consist of?

Seattle, WA estates & probate lawyer Jacob M. Menashe explains the probate process.

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Probate in Washington, believe it or not, is actually a relatively straightforward and simple process. I know that’s different than in other states. In California, for instance, probate can take a long time. The court has a lot of involvement. And the lawyers actually get a percentage of the estate as part of the process.

In Washington, in contrast, for most people, probate is a fairly straightforward process. It does involve some court involvement. But we’ve had cases where we actually never have to appear personally in court, there’s very limited court involvement. And really, it’s common sense matters that have to be addressed, gathering assets, dealing with creditors, and then distributing the estate according either to the will or to a person’s next of kin according to the intestacy laws.

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