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Seattle, WA estates & probate lawyer Jacob M. Menashe shares his most common advice to clients and what he does when he’s not practicing law.

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When it comes to estate planning, the one piece of advice I often give people is, “Let’s get it done.” People come up to me and ask me about estate planning, whether they should get it done. Sometimes it’s friends and families asking me that question. I tell people, “Sometimes the hardest part of the process is just picking up the phone, setting up that first appointment, and getting the ball rolling.” Really, for most people, getting estate planning in place isn’t all that complicated. And we can get it done in a relatively quick fashion and usually at a – at a affordable cost.

I will say that when we do have a bump in the road, I also tell clients, “It’s really important to get something down on paper that reflects your wishes.” Because if you don’t have a plan, the law says what your plan is. The law might impose a guardianship over you if you become incapacitated. The law will say who will get your assets. All that can be avoided by getting a basic plan in place. And again, it usually isn’t that hard. And we’re happy to work with people to get that done.

When I’m not here at work, I’d say my two main focuses in my life are my family and my religion. I’d say, though, after that, I’m a little embarrassed to say it’s baseball. I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I would listen to the Seattle Mariners on the radio. I would keep score along with the game. I went to a lotta Portland Mavericks and Portland Beavers games as a kid. I spent eight years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I followed the San Francisco Giants during that time. I’ll say, though, that my real love is the Seattle Mariners even if they haven’t always loved me back.

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