Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements Attorney in Portland, Oregon

What is your experience in preparing premarital agreements?

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Portland, OR family law attorney Bill Howe talks about his experience in preparing premarital agreements. In his legal practice, he has focused significantly on relationship agreements, encompassing cohabitation agreements, domestic partnerships, and premarital agreements. With an impressive track record, he has handled a substantial number of premarital agreements, potentially surpassing the work of any other lawyer in Oregon. Initially gaining recognition for his contributions to premarital agreements within the largest family law firm in Oregon, he expanded his expertise to include estate planning approximately seven or eight years ago.

Having amassed considerable experience, he introduced a collaborative approach to premarital agreements in partnership with accomplished lawyer Josh Kades. This innovative method involves convening all parties in the same room, fostering a collaborative environment for efficient discussions and agreement finalization. This approach has gained popularity not only in Oregon but also in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Beyond his practical work, he has shared his knowledge on premarital agreements through speaking engagements at continuing education events. His presentations have reached international forums, including in Australia and England. Reflecting on the significance of premarital agreements, he cites a study suggesting a 22% lower likelihood of divorce for couples with such agreements. He attributes this not only to the cautious and sophisticated nature of those opting for premarital agreements but also to the crucial role these agreements play in initiating discussions about money—a topic often considered a societal taboo.

In his counseling approach with clients, he emphasizes the inevitability of marriages coming to an end, either by death or divorce. This acknowledgment prompts couples to consider and determine the outcomes they desire under these circumstances. He underscores the complexity of legal variations across jurisdictions, urging clients to take control by outlining specific rules and programs in their agreements, transcending the diverse laws governing divorce and inheritance. Ultimately, his goal is to empower clients with the tools to assert control over the outcomes of their marriages based on their preferences and circumstances.

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