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Portland, OR family law attorney Bill Howe talks about the most rewarding aspect of his practice and his service to the community. Going through a divorce or preparing for marriage with a premarital agreement involves a significant life transition. The stress associated with these processes can be challenging for individuals, and he finds assisting them through this transition highly rewarding. Clients often express gratitude, with gestures such as sending homemade jam as a token of appreciation.

In the realm of family law, particularly in divorce cases, he recognizes an insightful aspect. As a family law practitioner, he understands that personal experience of every mistake in a relationship is not necessary. Learning from the challenges and dynamics of various relationships provides him with valuable insights. He notes that individuals rarely call seeking divorce due to a fantastic relationship; instead, they reach out when in pain, scared, and unsure of what to do. Providing assistance during these challenging times serves as a lifeline, contributing to the healing process and facilitating a better next chapter for the individuals involved.

With a legal career spanning since 1975, he has a rich history of contributions to the field. Serving on the Oregon Task Force on Family Law from 1993 to 1997, he played a key role in crafting instrumental legislation that made various family law procedures mandatory. This included aspects such as family courts, parenting plans, parenting time enforcement, and changes from visitation to parenting time. Subsequently, his involvement in the Statewide Family Law Advisory Committee for 22 years, including serving as Vice Chair, showcased his commitment and expertise. Recognition came in 2004 with an award for the most pro bono hours expended by any lawyer in private practice in the Oregon State Bar.

Presently, his active involvement in “SAGE” (Senior Advocates for Generational Equity) demonstrates his continued commitment to community engagement. Initiatives include giving talks to Rotary clubs, aiming to bridge political polarization and contribute to community projects focused on generational equity. Despite attempts to resign from certain roles, ongoing invitations highlight the lasting impact and significance of his contributions to the legal and community landscape.

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