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What type of damages can I recover for my injuries?

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a personal injury plaintiff

obviously if it’s a personal injury they

can get compensated for the bodily

injury they suffered

they also can get compensated for the

emotional distress they may have

suffered those are the two typical ones

but in addition to that you also get

your loss of income let’s say that you

are out of work for three months well

you get compensated for that what about

your medical bills yes you get all your

medical bills paid as well

so you have all of your expenses and

whatever you lost as a result of the

accident you get that as well

rarely do you get punitive damages in a

bodily injury personal injury case to

get punitive damages the act has to be

malicious oppressive fraudulent

usually that doesn’t occur in a typical

bodily injury case

those are the damages that i think are

available to the typical


Santa Ana, CA personal injury attorney Dan Callahan talks about the type of damages you can recover for your injuries.

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