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callahan consulting is a company that

i’ve formed for two purposes

one i mentor attorneys throughout the

united states just as i’ve been doing in

my law practice i mentor my associates

and my junior partners on trial skills

and strategies

also the second part of callahan


is that i can find the appropriate

lawyer for a given client by example i

had a

individual call me from pittsburgh who

needed a bankruptcy lawyer

i happen to know some of the best

lawyers in the united states because

i’ve been practicing law for 42 years

and i know how to find the best lawyers

through various methods whether super

lawyers or martindale hubble or other

sources and i can narrow it down to find

out who may be the best lawyer for this

client in their community in their

specialty then i will speak to that

lawyer to make sure

that they have enough

time available to do a good job for the

client and also to find out that they

are in fact

a good choice i don’t just pick a name

out of a phone book i actually do some

research on it

Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan talks about his consulting company, Callahan Consulting.

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