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Pedestrian Accidents

Los Angeles, CA sexual harassment & employment attorney Natalie Weatherford talks about a case where she represented an old woman who was hit by a dry cleaning van.

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I just wrapped up a case where I represented a woman who was in her late 60’s/early 70’s, and every morning she would take the same walk around her neighborhood, and it was about a two mile walk, and she’d take the same route, always used the crosswalks. And one morning she was on her morning walk, and a dry cleaning van ran through a stop sign and hit her dead on in the left side of her body, so she was knocked unconscious, in the hospital for about a month after that, and she sustained some very serious injuries. We came in and handled that case, sued the driver of the van, the company that employed the driver of the van, and that case was settled prior to trial for a very significant amount of money.

Pedestrian cases are always challenging because the driver doesn’t wanna admit that they did something wrong. So in this case, the driver had actually fabricated a whole story that there was, you know, another car blocking his view, and that he had been distracted by something that had occurred on the street. And none of that sounded really plausible, so what we were able to do is we used an investigator. We got the videos from the street cameras that were around the neighborhood.

Luckily this had occurred in an area where they have cameras on most of the, like, light poles. So we were able to do some investigating, get those videos, and at the end of the day it showed that his story was a lie. That really drove the settlement value. In this case, it was finding those little things, and you know, going a step above, and being able to figure out, you know, what actually happened in the case.

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