Mastering the Courtroom Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Mastering the Courtroom: What’s it take to be successful in the courtroom?

Los Angeles, CA sexual harassment & employment attorney Natalie Weatherford talks about the best way to win in a courtroom.

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To be successful in the courtroom, I think, for me, it has to do with just being myself. If I walk into the courtroom and try and be someone different than I am, and you know, the office every day, in depositions, or out in the real world, it’s not a natural fit, and I think that the jurors are gonna see through that. So I try to be the same person that I am in my day-to-day life in the courtroom, and then that also sort of just lends to – like, you wanna be credible, a credible person, and you wanna make sure that the jury looks to you as someone who is telling the truth. So the way to do that is to always be completely honest with the jurors and with the judge and in the courtroom. I think that’s extremely important.

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