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Injuries to Children

Los Angeles, CA sexual harassment & employment attorney Natalie Weatherford talks about a case she worked on where she represented a tiny girl who was bit by a dog.

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A memorable case for me involving an injury to a child would be a case that I handled where a little girl had been bit by a dog, and the dog was in a yoga studio. So this girl was going to the yoga studio with her mom. They were in the waiting room, and the owner of the studio allowed a dog to be in the yoga studio. So the little girl, obviously excited to see a dog in a yoga studio, walked up to the dog, and the dog bit her in the face. And she sustained some pretty severe lacerations to her face that resulted in scars that she would have for the rest of her life.

Well, settlements with children are always very hard because, you know, you never know what a child is gonna need in the future. So we try and get children the maximum amount of recovery possible, and we try to, you know, foresee every possible thing that they could need in the future. And we ask for that in trial and when we’re putting together a settlement. So we were able to get this girl a very good settlement that would get her all the necessary medical treatment she’d need in the future, and then also compensate her for the emotional distress that she had already been through in her life, and also future emotional distress.

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