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Intellectual Property Litigation: What types of IP issues do you see most often?

Los Angeles, CA commercial litigation attorney David Ribakoff talks about the types of IP issues he sees most often in his practice.

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The types of IP issues that I see in my practice involve intellectual property that’s developed by the client and somehow misappropriated by either a competitor or even a customer, where they somehow were able to acquire the intellectual property and misuse it in some fashion. I’ve had cases where we actually – the competitor called up my client pretending to be a customer of my client and was able to acquire a circuit board that he then reverse engineered and made into his own circuit board. And we were able to prevail at trial against this guy and not only win a money judgment but to get a permanent injunction against him. And so that’s one type of intellectual property case that I’ve handled. I’ve also handed trademark trial and appeal board matters which involved intellectual property issues as well.

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