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Los Angeles, CA commercial litigation attorney David Ribakoff talks about what makes his firm different and the level of service clients can expect.

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What makes my firm different from others is, number one, I’m a solo practitioner but with a large law firm background. I understand the practice of law from a larger law firm’s perspective and that helps me a lot, even though I’m a solo practitioner, because it helps me connect with opposing counsel and it helps me do a better job for my clients knowing how to communicate, knowing the inner workings of firms of that size. I have also, in my past, managed medium sized law firms. I was a named partner in a 20 attorney law firm, so I really use that to my advantage in terms of the way I litigate my cases.

The level of service that you can expect as a client of my firm is hands-on, personal attention. If you call my office you will get me. I will be the one to answer the phone. I will be the one to respond to your e-mails. There are no intermediaries. You’re dealing with David Ribakoff when you hire my law firm and clients appreciate that personal attention.

One thing that you should look for in hiring a trial lawyer is what kind of experience does that trial lawyer have, in general, and then more specifically, what kind of experience does that trial lawyer have with a specific subject matter of your case. If you have an intellectual property case you probably don’t want to hire a family law lawyer or a personal injury litigator. And so you really need to find a match both in terms of experience and subject matter when you’re hiring a lawyer.

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