Business Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Business Divorce Process: How do you guide clients through the business divorce process?

Los Angeles, CA commercial litigation attorney David Ribakoff talks about how he guides his clients through the business divorce process.

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I guide clients through the business divorce process first by really trying to understand if the issues are irreconcilable. A business is similar in the sense to a marriage because it’s a relationship and when a client comes to me seeking to dissolve a business, I want to first get at is this truly irreconcilable or could we maybe have a meeting and sort of work through the problems because usually it involves a successful business and there is some breakdown along the way between the owners of the business or among the owners of the business and sometimes that’s simply because they just haven’t talked or haven’t really tried to work through the problems before running to a lawyer. So I first try to see if the issue can be resolved that way and the business can be salvaged. If it can’t then you move to the next step but that’s certainly the first thing that I try to examine.

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