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What is crimmigration?

Wheaton, MD immigration lawyer Himedes V. Chicas explains the meaning of “crimmigation” and how he helps clients in these matters.

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Noncitizens who are convicted of criminal offenses have additional consequences to be concerned about. Crimmigration is the – basically, the legal advice in terms of, what is the consequence of a criminal conviction on a non-immigrant – noncitizen’s immigration status? So you could have someone who’s a permanent resident, who’s been here for their entire life as a permanent resident, someone who’s here on a temporary visa. You could have someone who’s here without status. Depending on the conviction, there is gonna be a consequence; there could be a consequence.

And so in terms of crimmigration, what we mean is we are advising our clients, “Here is the consequence of this conviction, assuming you are pleading guilty to the conviction.” Sometimes we are advising clients and their criminal defense attorneys, “This is a better plea deal. This is a better offer that’s not gonna have so much of a consequence as the initial offer you received.” So that’s what we mean by “crimmigration,” is really – is really delving into, what is – what is the consequence of a criminal conviction on a non-US citizen’s immigration status?

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