About the Immigration Firms Attorney in Wheaton, Maryland

What type of immigration services does the firm offer?

Wheaton, MD immigration lawyer Himedes V. Chicas talks about his the immigration services he and his firm offers.

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So we represent individuals that are seeking family-based, humanitarian-based affirmative benefits. We also represent individuals that are in removal proceedings. And that means individuals that are coming here legally, when I talk about affirmative benefits. And then defensive benefits are individuals who are in court who the government is seeking to try to deport. Apart from that, one of the biggest areas that we provide here in the firm is advice for criminal defense attorneys regarding the consequences of immigration – of criminal convictions, rather, on their immigration statuses. And I work with not only attorneys here in the firm, but we also are hired by attorneys outside of the firm, private defense attorneys outside of the firm, as well as even several of the public defenders’ offices, federal and state, in the area.

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