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Family Law Consulting: How does family law consulting work?

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Family law consulting is becoming more and more popular. And I have a lot of calls for people who want to do that, who want to work with me on a limited scope basis. Perhaps they’re attempting to mediate their case, an alternative dispute resolution option, which is more and more popular. I’m seeing that a lot. But maybe they want their own attorney to consult with through the process. So when you enter into a mediation format, that is a completely closed format. You have one neutral lawyer who is not advising you one way or another. So I often advise people that they should have a consulting lawyer to bounce ideas off of, to know what may apply, what if, what if. You know, try to strategize with them between mediation sessions. And also help them maybe fill out the paperwork. Because the paperwork is very important in terms of the disclosures in California. And that paperwork needs to be signed under penalty of perjury and needs to be totally accurate. The mediator’s responsibility does not cover that duty. So that’s another reason that you may want to consult with a lawyer on an as-needed basis. I have many clients that want to do that. And it’s great for them, it’s great for me. I’m able to help them with just as much help as they need. And sometimes, you know, mediation falls apart, or sometimes mediation is not successful I should say, in which case then you already have a working relationship with a lawyer who is familiar with the background of your case and can advise you. So it’s a good option for people.

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Robyn C. Santucci discusses how family law consulting works and why it’s a good option for a lot of clients. She explains that the demand for family law consulting is growing rapidly, and I receive numerous inquiries from individuals seeking limited-scope assistance. Many of them are interested in pursuing alternative dispute resolution options like mediation, which is increasingly popular. In such cases, I often recommend having a consulting lawyer to provide guidance, bounce ideas off of, and help navigate the process. While mediation is a closed format with a neutral lawyer, it’s beneficial to have a consulting lawyer who can strategize with the client between mediation sessions, offer insights on potential outcomes, and assist with paperwork completion.

In California, accurate and thorough completion of paperwork, particularly disclosures, is crucial. The mediator’s role does not extend to ensuring the accuracy of these documents, which must be signed under penalty of perjury. This is another reason why consulting with a lawyer on an as-needed basis can be advantageous. Many clients find value in this arrangement, as it allows them to receive the precise level of assistance they require. Furthermore, in the event that mediation is unsuccessful or falls apart, having an existing working relationship with a lawyer familiar with the case background can provide continuity and continued guidance. Overall, consulting with a lawyer on an as-needed basis is a beneficial option for individuals seeking support during family law proceedings.

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