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In Phoenix we’re somewhat unique because there’s 12 lawyers three principles and each of us does something slightly different relating to managing estates. I do estate planning, my partner, Scott Farris, does trust and probate litigation, and our managing partner, Mark Dyer, is primarily represents fiduciaries and does administration of trusts and probates and conservators. We pull together the ability to service a pretty wide range of problems so we’re not just guessing at what we’re doing. And we’ve been doing it for quite a long time.

The thing that I almost always tell clients whether they’re hiring a lawyer or someone else is don’t hire somebody because they were recommended make your own judgement. So have a personal meeting and judge whether or not this is somebody that you want to work with and that’s probably more important even than those other things that you would commonly see if you looked at a list on Google or something, which are, of course, knowledge, experience, cases that you’ve handled, and things like that.

I joined the firm in 2015. I joined a firm that had been established by my partner, Mark Dyer’s father in the late ‘70s and Mike is a second-generation Lawyer, Scott Farris joined them a number of years after that to do the litigation that needed to be done for them. And we’ve grown to 12 lawyers that do estate planning and litigation and administration with an emphasis on special needs planning and everything related to conservatorships and guardianships and trust administration.

This short video features estate planning attorney Mark A. Bregman as he talks about what it’s like to work with him and what clients should expect when hiring him as an estate planning attorney.

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