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What type of non-litigation work do you do for clients?

Seattle, WA commercial litigation attorney Anthony L. Rafel talks about his services in the role of counselor and adviser to homeowner and condominium associations.

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So in addition to all of our litigation work we do and I personally do a lot of work as general counsel to community associations. That is homeowner associations and condominium associations. And I really enjoy that work because it is in the role of a trusted advisor to these nonprofit corporations, all of these associations are nonprofit corporations that are run by an elected board of directors. And our role is to help that board of directors with governance decisions, resolving disputes within the community that might exist between the association and an owner. It might involve architectural review considerations, covenant enforcement, sometimes amendments to governing documents.

And then, also, our work may involve dealing with people outside the community, vendors or managers or other people that interact with the community and contracting relationships or dispute resolution with those third parties. So it’s really a fun role to be a trusted in house advisor. It’s like being in house counsel to a small community and sometimes not such a small community, a hundred or a couple of hundred homes and families. and you get to know these people through that work and as they cycle through the board, get to work with a lot of different people.

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