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A Case of Defamation

Seattle, WA commercial litigation attorney Anthony L. Rafel talks about a case in which insurance adjusters had committed defamation against their accounting firm, in an attempt to undermine the business.

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An interesting business litigation matter that I had some years ago was a defamation and tortious interference case on behalf of a prominent forensic accounting firm against some people in the insurance industry. And the claim was that these insurance adjustors committed defamation against the accounting firm and had been actively trying to undermine its business. And this was a very hard fought piece of litigation with many depositions taken and ultimately, a negotiated resolution that was very satisfactory to our client, the accounting firm.

Another business case we handled that was very interesting was involved a joint venture for a fish processing plant and the joint venture was between two partners who joint ventured with a native corporation in Alaska to develop a fish processing plant on native land. And the project, unfortunately, went awry and there was a great deal of loss because our clients had invested millions of dollars into building out this plant for fish processing purposes and the allegation was that the tribal corporation did not meet its obligations. But the wrinkle that was so interesting was that we were dealing with a tribal corporation rather than a typical business corporation and because of the tribal issues in the case, although we won at the trial level it went up to the Alaska Supreme Court. And we prevailed in the Alaska Supreme Court but it required litigation at the appellate level.

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