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I’m really motivated to help people. And I can see that the law provides a really good tool for people who have been harmed to find accountability and to be made whole again. And it doesn’t matter if you are a star football player or if you are an average working single parent. The law provides you the same remedy. And I find a great deal of satisfaction in helping each of those people maximize the remedy that’s available to them in helping them hold people accountable for their negligent actions.

As part of my practice, I find that it’s helpful to me and the community to provide service outside of the law firm. Throughout my career, I’ve held several leadership positions with the Washington State Bar Association. I was a Young Lawyers Division President and served on the board of trustees with the American Bar Association, where again, I served several leadership positions with the ABA Young Lawyers Division, including public service director for the Young Lawyers Division. I’ve held positions with my law school. I was on the law school alumni advisory board.

And more recently, with the judicial division of the American Bar Association, where I was chair of the lawyers conference of the judicial division cabinet and counsel positions with the judicial division. And now currently, I chair the judicial outreach network, which invites judges from every practice level: federal court judges, state trial court judges, administrative law judges, specialty court judges from across the country; to provide judicial outreach, where they spend a day coming out of their courtrooms, coming into the community, and talking about the rule of law and the importance of fair and impartial courts.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Mark O’Halloran talks about his passion for the practice and his service to the community.

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