Construction Site Injuries Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Construction Accidents

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about a specific construction case.

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We represent victims who’ve been seriously harmed in construction accidents. One case that was memorable to me was a gentleman who was working on this big construction project in southern California, and the contractor had used scaffolding that was defective, and that happens a lot in construction, especially here on certain projects. And so he was up high working on scaffolding, and the plank, which was defective, collapsed, and he fell and suffered really horrific injuries. We were able to pursue litigation against a lot of the people involved on that construction site, and California law makes it very tricky as to who can actually be sued on a construction site injury like that. They make it very tough to sue the general contractor and other contractors, but we were very successful in pursing that case and obtaining a significant settlement for this gentleman, because he really needed it because of his injuries.

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