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Mentor: Leonard Litwin

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When I was in college, I spent some summers working in some of his new buildings that were coming on the market at that time, helping them rent apartments and in that capacity. And I think I did pretty well at that and got his attention, and he saw how I interacted with people and how I made people feel at ease and comfortable, and he’s known me since I was a baby actually, I think since practically the day I was born.

So, he watched me develop and then he saw me in that capacity and when I was in law school and getting ready to graduate, I was thinking of taking a job for the federal government. And I was summoned by him to come meet with him prior to accepting the job because he thought that I would be much better off in private practice, and he very much wanted me to work with him, either in-house or at his law firm, and I ended up wanting to go to a law firm, and that’s how I started my first law firm, and he’s kind of been a guardian angel to me, especially in my early years. But, watching him and following the incredible example that he always set has been a wonderful influence for me.

New York real estate attorney Robert Ivanhoe of Greenberg Traurig explains how Leonard Litwin influenced him to become a real estate lawyer.

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