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Meet Robert Ivanhoe

New York real estate attorney Robert Ivanhoe of Greenberg Traurig is introduced by two other top attorneys in New York’s real estate community.

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Joshua Stein: I’ve known Rob Ivanhoe for many, many years. I’ve known him since, I would say, before he was Rob Ivanhoe. He and I were senior associates or junior partners at about the same time.

Jonathan Mechanic: You know, he’s a first-rate lawyer, and I’m happy to have Rob on a deal on the other side. You want to have somebody who – it’s much easier to do a deal with somebody who’s smart and knows a lot than somebody who’s nervous about doing a deal with you ’cause they don’t know that much. Bob’s great.

I’ve done pretty much every type of real estate, not just in New York, but also on a national basis. I became interested in real estate really because of a couple of families that my family was very, very close to who were in the real estate development business. We have, I believe, the largest real estate practice here in New York City, and we’ve certainly been at the forefront of many major transactions for the last 15 years or so, and we also have the largest real estate practice in the United States, so I’m very proud of both and the success, not just in New York but nationally, and I’ve been chairing the global real estate practice here at Greenberg for about 19 years that I’ve been here.

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