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Well, the law itself, it’s mostly market-driven, it’s really not a function of laws that could be implemented to change the way we do things other than on the finance side, or zoning. So, in New York City, for example, right in the Grand Central area, they had been considering an up-zoning to increase density, to build larger buildings and upgrade the office building stock in New York City, much of which is very, very outdated and trying to make it a world class city and world class office stock.

I think that’s very important to get that done, and at the same time to provide adequate infrastructure to support that greater density that we’re going to have, and I think that the previous mayor and the current mayor are trying to figure out a way to do all of that. It’s challenging to accomplish everything, but that’s a trend, and that’s something, I think, that can be implemented.

The other things is, there’s more regulation coming right now in how loans have to be structured, especially for securitizations and how much risk the originators of the loans will be required to obtain when they go into securitization. I think that that’ll be helpful, but that’s not the most important safeguard to avoid another financial crisis.

New York real estate attorney Robert Ivanhoe of Greenberg Traurig discusses how zoning and finance regulations could be changed to better fit real estate.

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