Meet the Intellectual Property Lawyers Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Technical Background

Minneapolis patent attorney Jim Nelson of Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner discusses his qualifications as an intellectual property lawyer.

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Well, my technical background is chemistry. I have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and significant experience dealing with biologicals. I received my PhD in Organic Chemistry from Iowa State in 1972. That’s before Cohen & Boyer, before biochemical, biologicals, biotechnology, recombinant DNA, before that exploded on the scene. And so I have grown up with biologicals and know almost all there is to know about biologicals, in addition to pharmaceuticals and chemicals and polymers. So that is my technical background. I worked for Pfizer as a medicinal scientist for a few years before going back to law school. I’ve been a patent attorney for about 37 years. I worked on Wall Street for about nine years, ten years, something like that. And then moved back to the Midwest, to Minnesota here, and I’ve been in practice here for about 26, 27 years.

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