BioSimilars Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why Are Biologicals so Important?

Minneapolis patent attorney Jim Nelson of Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner explains the importance of biologicals.

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Well, biologicals are as important as small molecules, as penicillin, as Lipitor, as other small molecules, other drugs that the doctor would prescribe for you. Biologicals are also drugs that treat disease. Herceptin treats breast cancer. Insulin, of course, is an important natural product that treats – that prevents diabetes. If you don’t have appropriate amounts of insulin in your body, of course, you develop diabetes, you develop some very sensitivity – a huge sensitivity to sugar, and it’s a real problem. It can kill you. So biologicals are important that way. Biologicals are another way of treating disease. They’re not small molecules. They’re polypeptides. They’re very large molecules. We’ll talk about how large they are in a few minutes. But they are more specific and they have less side effects than small molecules. And in some instances, they will treat medical problems that small molecules can’t treat.

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