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How did you become a matrimonial lawyer?

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i think to tell you how i became a

matrimonial lawyer i probably should

start from the beginning and tell you

how i ended up in

in law uh i’m a first-generation

uh guy

my family came to the country a year


i was born in brooklyn

and you know made my way throughout

brooklyn went to high school

and then i went to college i went to

baruch college and i really didn’t know

what it is i wanted to do there was no

one i could look to for sort of guidance

or as a role model but

i got into accounting at baruch college

and in order to sit for the cpa exam you

had to take law classes and i just

remember loving the law you know

whatever classes i took i took as many

as i could and i loved it all and i said

i want to go to law school i didn’t know

what you do with a law degree other than

perhaps do some criminal work i’ve seen

criminal lawyers you know back in the

day and then civil rights champions back

in the day i saw that too and from time

to time you would see a high profile

divorce on tv

and that was in my mind so then i went

to law school and thank god i did uh

relatively well and and i had great

opportunities to go to sort of the big

firms where you could get some great

experience great exposure and i did i

had a phenomenal opportunity at my first

law firm taking depositions writing

motions arguing motions going to court

which was a little bit atypical

but i always came back to family law for

some reason i took the class

in in law school i always liked it i

liked working with individuals that’s

the big thing you could work with people

you can make a real difference in


life and i’m not saying you can’t help a

corporation obviously if you win a good

case or defend a case for a corporation

you’re making a difference but working

with an individual really

meant something to me i had my

accounting background i was a cpa so i

understood the financial issues we could

call them complicated convoluted to us

we you know i could figure that out and

i really enjoyed it and then litigation

you get to go to court you get to argue

at conferences you get to write motions

you get to try cases you get to argue

appeals and that’s not true for every

other area of the law so just a as a

whole package it just always appealed to


and you know i’ve never looked back i’m

very thankful that things have worked


for me and my firm

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