Child Custody and Visitation Attorney in Lake Success, New York

What is important to consider if the residential parent wants to relocate?

Nassau county family law attorney, Barton Resnicoff, explains how parental relocation can impact child support and custody issues in New York.

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The starting point is in every custody case best interest, and the factors of domestic violence are very relevant and also why that parent wants to move, what’s the reason for it. Is it just to make life difficult for the other parent? Is it because there’s a unique opportunity in where he or she wants to move to? Is it because there is a problem where they’re living now? I mean I just got a decision on a relocation case where I got my client permission to relocate to New Hampshire based primarily upon domestic violence issues, but secondarily because it is so much cheaper to live in New Hampshire and otherwise there wouldn’t have been enough money to go around for the child to have a good place to live.

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