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A philosophy that I try to bring to Lynch & Owens is to make the people comfortable. They come in. Usually they’re with the estate planning or the probate. They don’t really have an idea of what we do or what they’re actually asking for. So I try to sit down, sit with them at an initial meeting, and make them comfortable. And with that, I try and bring down the law to a basic level so that they can understand exactly what they want, and what they need, and what we’re gonna provide.

Well, my background experience is much different than most attorneys. I graduated from Stonehill with a degree in chemistry, and I went on to Florida State for doing some atomic absorption spectroscopy. So that’s something that most lawyers won’t have anything to do with. In addition to that, after that, I stayed in the chemical field and more morphed into an environmental chemist, and my family also had an environmental law company. So with all that, I ended up going back to law school to learn more about how the laws and the environment actually interact. And with that, so I have chemistry, environment, and law, and that’s the experience that no one else has. I’m a unique lawyer.

Hingham, MA estate attorney Ronald F. Driscoll talks about his approach to the practice and his unique background and experience.

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