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Seattle, WA estates & probate lawyer Bill Hickman talks about why he became a lawyer and the rewards of his practice.

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Well, I chose to become and estate planning lawyer because I felt like I wanted a personal connection with my clients, one that would carry on for years and years. And I felt like estate planning was an area of the law where I could at the completion of my work, the client would walk away happy with what they had accomplished. They’d feel really good about something that they had done. I feel like I had really helped them in that instance. It’s really very rewarding in that sense. I get hugs from old ladies all the time for this kind of work and just never receive that in the prior work. So that drove me to this line of work.

Well there’s two things that I find to be the most rewarding about the practice. The one is at the completion of an estate planning project the sense of relief, the sense of satisfaction, and the sense of accomplishment that you see on the clients face when they walk out of the office with their estate planning documents in hand and they feel really good that they have put their plan in place and that their family is protected. And I tell them, you know, you should go brag to your friend that you got this done now and you’re going to find that most of them haven’t. So it’s a real sense of accomplishment on their part and that’s rewarding.

The second one is the sense of accomplishment in helping those who are the most vulnerable in our society and by that, I mean the disabled and really being able to walk them through the process and help them to see that in most cases there are programs that they can benefit from. There are laws that we can take advantage of to protect some of the assets that they need for their support. And you know they come in the most worried usually about what’s going to happen to them and to be able to sit down and walk them through the rules and help them to see that they are going to be okay that’s very rewarding. Because they, again, they are very vulnerable.

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