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Well, I was a prosecutor. Going out of law school, I got an appointment to a judicial clerkship with Court of Appeals, and it was during a recession. There wasn’t a lot of job openings, and I was fortunate to get into a prosecutor job first in Langley County and then in Oakclare County, and I tried two dozen cases in less than two years, so it was a great learning experience. I got to handle hundreds of cases and got to see justice. And so I missed that going into the private practice except people started having family members, “Oh, I have a son who just got in trouble with underage drinking,” or, “I had a daughter who got a speeding ticket,” or, “I have a brother who got picked up for drunk driving.”

And so I started taking those cases, because that’s all I did for almost two years in Oakclare County. And so now I’ve been in private practice 26 years and I’ve helped dozens of people when they find themselves in trouble with the law, or accused of maybe something that they shouldn’t be accused of. And so we can help explain their rights and I enjoy leading them through the legal process, because it can be a bit scary and daunting.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney, James Johnson, talks about how he got into criminal law.

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